Whole Life Healing Centers

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In the meantime, we invite you to read our organization’s mission and vision statements.

A Message From The Founder

The dream and mission began as a young child. “What do you want to be when you grow up Bethany?”
“A missionary…I want to teach people how to grow food so they are never hungry and teach them to read so their minds are always dreaming”

As I have grown, so has my purpose and my vision. Gathering with me pieces of the puzzle throughout my life to enable this passion and dream to become a reality. My heart seeks to serve, serve those who are lost and suffering. Through my work in neuroscience, nutrition and yoga, I have discovered a population very much underserved. Veterans with PTSD, abused woman and children, those human trafficked, the list is very long. The answer is here, lives can be saved, bodies nourished, hearts that desire life and minds that never stop dreaming.

As I have gathered wisdom and education both through books and life, I have also met many brilliant and talented friends and colleagues. They, along with me, bring their own pieces to the puzzle to fulfill and actualize the picture of the dream. For every visionary must have a team to ground and bring to fruition the goal. It is here, the time is now and we are ready for the task at hand.

The following will be the way we rebuild, renew and rebirth the lives of our clients.

Bethany Perry – Founder and CEO Whole Life Healing Centers

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment that allows victims broken by emotional, mental and physical trauma to renew their lives through integrating ‘Whole Life Living’ skills resulting in the consciousness to heal and become whole.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is a world that allows the individual client’s trauma to provide the path to rebuild, renew and be reborn. Traumatic experiences then no longer interrupt the ability to live a whole well purposed life.

Shockingly, an estimated 8% of Americans, 24.4 million, are living their lives in distress with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at any given time. That is equal to the total population of Texas. In 2005 more than 200,000 were receiving disability compensation for PTSD at a cost of 4.3 billion. These adults are our family, friends and neighbors. Battle weary veterans that have lived through traumatic events only to be shuttled and shuffled through an assembly line of government care. Other at risk populations such as those caught in the web of human trafficking, TBI, domestic violence, refugees and the list of trauma goes on. PTSD knows no borders of race, creed or economics. Sadly the significant stigma associated with PTSD prevents many from seeking help. Those affected often face rejection and are feared by society in general.

The effect of PTSD in our society requires a creative and effective solution to which Whole Life Healing Centers will provide. The foundation of our treatment resides in a brain, body, heart and soul connection recognizing the scientific component of nutrition to brain health; yoga to peacefulness and a whole life through understanding. Our intention is to reach the masses, yet providing for ‘the one’ with a protocol specific only to him or her.

Whole Life Healing Centers (WLHC) is founded on science and love. Without love, and addressing the heart and soul of any individual, we fail to recognize our very essence. We as human beings can never be whole unless the ‘whole’ is addressed. This allows us to stand out as leaders as we carve the way for future care for all. By utilizing cutting edge science for PTSD and it’s association with changes in brain function we will nourishing not only the brain, but the body, heart and soul, resulting in healing for each and every individual so they can lead rebuilt and renewed lives.

The WLHC’ outreach will begin by serving our Veterans, those traumatized by Domestic Violence and TBI. The long range goals will also address other at risk populations such as those traumatized by human trafficking, refugees, addiction, etc. This will be accomplished through a two tiered integrative approach utilizing Life Coaches to transform lives, Therapists to provoke thought and yoga & other healing modalities to address each individual. WLHC will pursue partnerships with leading organizations like the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, The Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN), Kripa Foundation and various global universities to develop and conduct metric driven research around the benefits and effectiveness of integrative treatment for PTSD.

WLHC’ philosophy is one of PTG. Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) is the positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a traumatic event. We believe anyone afflicted with PTSD can achieve PTG and positive ‘Whole Life’ results. Foundational in our work is that the clients’ bond in their growth rather than the trauma itself. Our unique protocols, interior and exterior environment allow our clients to experience and absorb personal growth in every moment of every day.

We have a two tiered Integrative protocol to ‘Whole’ Life Living which will be posted shortly.

A core belief of WLHC is that no one should feel they need to fit in a box and follow an assembly line of care. The treatment protocol is designed for all healing to create meaningful, loving and productive lives. We have differentiated ourselves by addressing the whole person using a Life Coach driven approach. Our model is the symbiotic bridge between holistic and traditional medicine resulting in ‘a bonding in growth rather than the trauma itself’. We will create a space where an individual can take part in ancient healing practices and receive the most cutting edge and evidenced based technologies which begin to heal the brain from exposure to trauma.