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Welcome to Healing Trauma with ‘Unbounded Living Healing Sessions”

It is the goal of Whole Life Healing Centers to bring many different types of healing modalities to individuals suffering from trauma. What lies beyond this page for you is just that and we would love to hear how you are served through this series of healing sessions.

When addressing trauma, we recognize that there is a sequence and time frame to recovery. First we begin with overcoming fear and anger by supporting the brain/mind/body to release in a more subtle but powerful way.

While the goal is to eliminate PTSD altogether, we would be remiss, and the process incomplete if we did not also add love, comfort, & joy to continue your healing process. All of this is here for you Free of charge. *Donations are appreciated.

Once you begin this journey, we will send you the automated sequence at your pace. The second recording will be sent approximately 2 week after your start date.

What this is:

Unbounded Living Healing Sessions were created by David Adelson and graciously given to Whole Life Healing Centers to support YOU!


The recordings are a advanced technology quantum unified field system. The recordings are silent and free to access. We are currently gathering data on individual results (100% private) so please, let us know your experiences.


These recordings ARE NOT subliminal!



These are the intrinsic qualities of nature for health and wellbeing – healing sessions that are individually programmed with no other intention other than well wishing of humanity.” David Adelson



This is the origin of these programs…we celebrate differences…we anticipate and expect that as you get better – your own artistic flair will shine through and we can’t wait to see what that looks like. The premise of Whole Life Healing is discovering a life that is perfect for you and how you want to live.



Disclaimer: some people will notice something right away, or in a few hours while some will notice slower shifts or become aware of the change after they stop it.

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